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Threat for film industry – Tamil Rockers . Today also new movie released in Tamil Rockers . So their is so many secrets about Tamil Rockers . Are you ready to hear about it. So lets start.

In this i will be using different names for Tamil Rockers like Jio Rockers Tamil, Tamil Jio Rockers,Tamil Rockers Isaimini etc. So don’t get confused.

So in this article we are talking about www.tamilrockers,com. I hope i don’t need to talk in detail about them . Everyone are watching movies now in mobiles. If you check on the videos you will be able to see title through out film like tamil rockers . So tamil rockers is a piracy site. They are uploading newly released movies through their site by taking recording of released movies and also by other means. So here i am sharing about their history and also some details about them which not more people are aware.

So many stories are heard about Tamil Rockers Malayalam. I had gone through youtube and find two two stories . I am sharing detail about these Stories.

Tamil Rockers Malayalam Story 1

In earlier times people will take camera along with them and shoot movies from theatres. Convert them in to cd’s and DVD’s and sale them in bulk. If you check earlier days people from outside india come with new released movies cd’s and DVD’s. How it is happening. In outside countries those movies are released earlier than in kerala. So people goes in those theatres and shoots those movies and make it to cd’s. After that world changed a lot. Internet Came in to each and every corner. Everyone started using internet. Now if do not have money to buy food we will make money to recharge our mobile internet. Movies started uploading in internet.

In kerala a movie of Prithviraj had released named “Urumi” and its pirated version got released in internet . They started to move against it and made a case. From this questions arrived about pirated movies in kerala. Prithviraj and his group fight for justice and a system called Anti Piracy cell got formed in Kerala against the pirated movies. On checking in detail they find out that in 1 hour 6750 films are getting uploaded . In it both old movies and new movies are getting uploaded.

On checking in detail it was found that most movies are uploaded from a website called “Moviesfree”. In tamilnadu a place called “Nungambakkam” those movies are uploaded from a small shed. When they got information that they are under police surveillance , with in 2- 3 weeks time they changed their website to a new name called “Tamil Rockers”. From their the new villan of movie piracy originated.

So as a normal person we think that if we can block the website then that issue resolves. No it cannot be stopped. They have thousands of domain extensions. If we block .com domain they will shift or redirect their data to next domain extension .

They are getting Revenue from site visit. Information is like that they have got around 2600 dollar per day income. Converting it in to indian money it will be about 2 lakh rupees. So many other persons had fight against Jio Rockers Tamil. Tamil hero Vishal had protested against them. They fight against him by releasing his movie in internet at the same time the movie was released in theatre.

They got revenue from the ads shown in their website. You have heard that Tamil Rockers was arrested a few years back . How it happened. For the ads revenue Tamil Rockers had given their personal bank account for transferring of money to these advertising agencies. Because of this foolishness they were arrested.

After this everyone told Tamil Rockers ended. They will not come again. After 2 years Rajnikanth movie named Kaala was released on theatre. At the same time it was released online by Tamil Rockers in internet. By this a new wave of Tamil Rockers was born. On checking the source of this movie by investigation team it was found that it was uploaded from a country called France.

Tamil Rockers Malayalam Story 2

There was three sectors called A,B and C. From there all these pirated cd’s are released. A is called the head in the group. He has so many contacts through which he will get captured videos through camera and mobile. A will distribute this to Team B, ie distributors and dealers . Team B will distribute it to CD shop owners . Team C thaught that why we can’t start which Team A can do. Based on this Tamil Rockers Malayalam was born.

When Tamil rockers was started other website was there in the market called “Tamil Torrent”, “TK Torrent”,”Thiritu VCD”. Tamil torrent uploads movies which was released new after one week time . Tamil Rockers team taught why can’t we upload these movies in the same day when it is released. That was the success of Tamil Rockers Isaimini. They started uploading movies on the same day the movie is released.

During that time the owner of “TK Torrent” was arrested on Malaysia. “TK torrent” was having a specialty. In this website the movies are uploaded before the movies are released in India. Because all these movies are released in outside countries earlier than India. They capture it and upload it in their website. Because of that TK torrent was getting good revenue.

When TK torrent Owner was arrested Thirutu VCD owner became in trouble. Because Thirutu vcd was taking source file of TK torrent ,watermark them and upload in their website. Because of no availability of source files they become in trouble.

Thirutu VCD contacted Tamil Rockers to get source file. Tamil Rockers was ready to give source file but they had 2 conditions , the videos should be watermarked with their name and the movies should be uploaded only in the evening time of the same day Jio Rockers Tamil had uploaded their Movie. They agreed to do the same. By doing this the revenue and promotion of Tamil Rockers increased . Thirutu VCD become low in market and shutdown.

During that time mobile internet was booming. Tamil rockers taught of showing these movies in mobile. What they had done is they divided these movies in to 4 to 5 files and uploaded them in wap sites. When we click tamil rockers site for downloading movie it will redirect to these wap sites. By this wap websites earning from ads also increased.

Tamil Rockers revenue is from dealers and distributors. Wap sites earning is from ads revenue. Jio Rockers Tamil started uploading movies after the first show in theatres. By this earnings doubled. Tamil Rockers become internationally recognized .

They started uploading malayalam movies also. This became big problem . Kerala police started tracking these websites. Wap site owner got captured by kerala police. How it happened is the wap site owners had given their personal details to advertising companies for payments.

Tamil Rockers Isaimini tracking was very difficult. They are working in dark web. Their revenue is from crypto currency ,Bit coin etc. So that tracking them was very difficult. Also Tamil Rockers is not controlled by a single person . It is controlled by several admins sitting in different parts of the world.

Cyber police is behind them, Do not know police can catch them or not.

This is the second story about Tamil Rockers Malayalam.


Now Tamil Rockers is a big chain of people who is making money online by uploading movies from various countries. As per the rule in 1957 copyright issue the people who are uploading the movies and downloading the movies are equally responsible to get punishment. Around 3 years of imprisonment and 3 lakhs money will have to be paid. So i request each one of you not to download movies from these online sites . If we get punished our future will be spoiled.

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