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English To Malayalam Translation

English to Malayalam Typing made so simple by this software. This software is working in support with Google. It provides good and fast typing . Typing Malayalam can now be done in seconds. What you have to do is type any word in English. And press space bar. What this software does is simply convert your English word in to Malayalam. Do not think wrong that this is a translator. You can copy or download the data which was entered in this site easily.

This software allows unlimited words to be translated. The data which you enter in to the system is saved on the cache. So if internet fails then also this software works. This software can be used by any person who is having less knowledge in using Malayalam keyboards. Our software’s are mainly used by writers, DTPC centers, Akshaya centers where Malayalam is required most.

So many of them had texted us about the benefit of this simple software. Some of our regular users comments are here Jyothis :- Hi team ,Thanks for your software .It was excellent. I am working for a DTPC centre here in kattapana. This helped me in saving a good amount of time .

Raveendran :- I am running a Photostat centre in kumarakom, Kottayam .Typing malayalam content using keyboard was very difficult. I heard about this software through one of my friend. I started typing in manglish language ie, typing malayalam in English language. After typing I am just pressing spacebar. The magic is happening. I am getting the manglish language in to Malayalam.

Remya :- I am a working as a content writer for an online platform. I use so many softwares online for the help of my content writing . This software was eye catching .Although so many softwares are available online, this software was very helpful for me. I suggest this for those who is doing content writing in malayalam

How to use this software?

First type you required data which need to be converted in the dashboard in our software. You can either type English or you can type manglish language. After typing each words you just need to press spacebar, the words are converted to Malayalam. You can either copy or download the content which has been converted to Malayalam. This is mainly used by story writers and lyrics writers, this helps them in saving their time.