Kanave Kanave Song Lyrics

Kanave Kanave Song Lyrics:- David is a 2013 Indian Tamil romantic crime film directed by Bejoy Nambiar, starring Vikram and Jiiva in the title roles.

The movie is about two people name david ,one from mumbai(Jeeva) and other person from Goa(Vikram). David was a guitarist who’s dream is to become famous. His father is a protestant priest who do help for others. A Hindu politician in his locallity thinks that priest is trying to convert people to christianity . The politician sends people to attack the priest, and he becomes completely lost .

David try to assasinate this politician , by that time others had assasinated the politician. He escapes from their.

After 10 years it is showing a fisherman named David (Vikram) become in love with a deaf and mute girl . But her marriage is fixed with his friend . But his friend is marrying her for getting the boat as dowry from her father. David knows this and try to oppose this . But on the wedding day his friend informs that he is in real love for her and he is not marrying for dowry.

The priest who is setting up the wedding is the old guitarist David. He had came to Goa and became a priest. Both the David meets in the marriage and talks each other. This is the short story about the movie.

Directed by Bejoy Nambiar
Produced by Bejoy Nambiar
Sharada Trilok

Story by Bejoy Nambiar
Starring Vikram
Lara Dutta
Isha Sharvani

Kanave Kanave Song Lyrics

Koramaana maranam ondru
Uyirai kondu ponathae
Uyaramaana kanavu indru
Alaiyil veezhnthu ponadhae

Isaiyum ponadhu
Thimirum ponathu
Thanimai theeyilae vaadinen

Nizhalum ponadhu
Nijamum ponathu
Enakkul enaiyae thedinen

Kanavae kanavae kalaivatheno
Karangal ranamaai karaivatheno
Ninaivae ninaivae araivatheno
Enadhu ulagam udaivathenoo…

Kangal rendum neerilae
Meenai pola vaazhuthae
Kadavulum pen idhayamum
Irukkutha ada illaiya

Oho naanum ingae valiyilae
Neeyum ango sirippilae
Kaatril engum thedinen
Pesi pona vaarthaiyai

Idhu nyaayama
Manam thaanguma
En aasaigal adhu paavama…

Kanavae kanavae ………
Karangal ranamaai ……………
Ninaivae ninaivae araivatheno
Enadhu ulagam udaivathenoo…

Kanave Kanave Song Lyrics in Tamil

மௌனமான மரணம் ஒன்று உயிரை கொண்டு போனதே
உயரமான கனவு இன்று தரையில் வீழ்ந்து போனதே
திசையும் போனது திமிரும் போனது
தனிமை தீயிலே வாடினேன்
நிழலும் போனது நிஜமும் போனது
எனக்குள் எனையே தேடினேன்

கனவே கனவே கலைவதேனோ
கணங்கள் ரணமாய் கரைவதேனோ
நினைவே நினைவே அரைவதேனோ
எனது உலகம் உடைவதேனோ

கண்கள் ரெண்டும் நீரிலே
மீனை போல வாழுதே
கடவுளும் பெண் இதயமும்
இருக்குதா அட இல்லையா

நானும் இங்கே வலியிலே
நீயும் அங்கோ சிரிப்பிலே
காற்றில் எங்கும் தேடினேன்
பேசி போன வார்த்தையை

இது நியாயமா மனம் தாங்குமா
என் ஆசைகள் அது பாவமா

கனவே கனவே…
கரங்கள் ரணமாய்…
நினைவே நினைவே அரைவதேனோ
எனது உலகம் உடைவதேனோ

Kanave Kanave Song Lyrics meaning in English

A silent death
Took away my soul
A high dream now
Gone by falling down in land

My way path is gone
Arrogance is gone
I’m getting depressed in loneliness

My shadow is gone
Truth is gone
I’m searching myself in me

Dream, oh dream
Why you got scattered?
Why hands dissolved in wound?
Thought, oh thought
Why it’s roaming?
Why is my world breaking?

Both eyes are in tears
Living like water
God and girl’s heart
Do they exist or not?

I’m here with pain
And you are there with joy
I searched in air
For the words you said and went away

Is this justice?
Will my heart bear can this pain?
Are my desires being a sin?

Dream, oh dream
Why hands dissolved in wound?
Thought, oh thought
Why it’s roaming?
Why is my world breaking?

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